About us

We know the repair business.

The repair business has always been a part of our family. We owned a large Chev olds Cadillac dealership for 16 years. After selling our share of the dealership, we started a small 4 bay auto repair business in Abbotsford, BC Canada. 10 years later, we still own and operate the repair shop. We have no plans of getting out of the repair business, after all, it helps us stay on top of trend changes and advancements in the automobile business.
The benefit of still having a repair shop is that we are using our own program every day and continue to make our business as stress free as possible. These enhancements are shared with you at no cost, as fellow repair shop owners.

Using the $500,000.00 programs and the knowledge and training involved in running a large dealership, we have gained insight into creating a similar system for a smaller business at a fraction of the cost. Now you can have a system using the years of knowledge and training we have received.

RepairNet Business Solutions was created for one key reason in mind – making profit. With profits being the main concern for our automotive repair shop, we have spent the last 7 years restructuring and developing a system to maximize the amount of money we make.

Please feel free to contact us by phone from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm - Monday to Saturday.

Phone Harry Wielenga: 604.309.9021
Toll free: 1-866-829-8888

Email: repairnet@gmail.com

#287- 33771 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 6H1


Solution Details


"I have been using the RepairNet system for 5 years now. In all honesty, I am so happy the way my shop runs now I could never go back to the old way I did things- not even for 1 hour. In my busy shop I used to have up to 3 service writers to keep up with the flow. Now I have been easily running my business with one counter person. Another key feature for me is the fact that I can see how my business is doing from any location - even on my mobile phone."

"I have been using the RepairNet system for my 2nd year now. This company really cares about making an excellent system. New features to make life easier seem to happen on a monthly basis. My shop and technicians love the scheduling and work order system. I get more work done in a lot less time - and that makes me more money! I also love the free website and customer retention system. I never knew how many people rely on the internet to find a repair shop".

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